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Learn to play the piano with high quality, engaging lessons. In person, online, or combination options are available. Choose between a 30, 45, or 60 minute lesson time. Contact for rates.


Enjoy live piano music at your next celebration, wedding, or company function. Contact for specialized song requests and rates.




"Emily is such a talented pianist, we were lucky to have her share her skills and passion. Encouraging and kind, she was an excellent teacher for my daughter who continues with piano today. Thank-you Emily!


"Emily worked extremely well with my two children Dayna and Niklas aged eight and six at the time. She instilled a desire to do their best and challenge their abilities. Her kind and gentle mannerism is a definite asset in working with young children. My children continue to talk about Emily and miss her very much!"


"Emily was a great influence on my love of piano. She is an excellent teacher as well as performer!"




Emily started piano at the age of seven having been inspired by her older siblings' musical abilities. In those early years, she loved how music could be used to connect with others and enjoyed playing duets and trios with her siblings. From there, Emily's passion for music grew with each festival performance or RCM examination. 

Acquiring her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from The King's University, Emily was given the chance to expand her skills as a musician. During her time in University, Emily's studies involved composition, piano pedagogy, and opportunities as a collaborative and solo pianist.

Emily aims to teach music in a fun and approachable way while also passing on invaluable life lessons to her students. She continually strives to inspire her students to effectively express themselves through music. Part of the fun of teaching for Emily is discovering the uniqueness of each student and their learning style in order to provide a customized learning experience en every lesson.


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